Chocolate Zucchini Yoghurt Cake

CZY cake

adapted from this recipe
So… some people think there’s no point in not having full-fat soft drinks if you’re having a non-diet meal. Why not? Why is it wrong to try to be a little bit less super unhealthy..? Have a real dessert!

Or take a bit of sugar out of the recipe and add frosting! Maybe even Kahlua frosting… (I had spare Kahlua… which was made (using this recipe) as I had spare vodka…. 20 year old me would never forgive myself). skip the Kahlua if you’re boring, or, like, underage, or something.

Anyway, this recipe is bloody simple. 1 bowl and pan for the cake, 1 bowl for the frosting.

Makes 1 cake 8×13 inches, or a shitload of cupcakes (probably)


1 courgette/ zucchini
2 eggs
1/4 cup/ 60ml oil
1/2 cup/ 120ml yoghurt
1 cup/ 220g self raising flour, or plain flour
(if using plain flour, add 2 tsp baking powder)
1/3 cup/ 60g cocoa
1/2 cup/ 100g sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup nuts/ raisins

2 tbsp Kahlua, or coffee or cocoa powder for a non-alcohol version
1 tbsp butter
1/2 cup/ 100g icine sugar


Preheat oven 350F/ 175C.

Grease cake tin, line with baking paper if using.

Mix all ingredients in bowl until all are incorporated. If the mixture looks dry, add a touch more milk or yoghurt (about a tbsp at a time). If the mixture looks too wet, or curdles, then add a tbsp of plain flour.

Pour mixture into pan and level the surface.

Bake approximately 40-50 minutes. Roughly 20-25 minutes baking time if in cupcake form.

Allow cake to cool completely before frosting.


To make the frosting:

Cream the Kahlua and butter together until smooth.
Gradually mix in icing sugar until all is incorporated.
Add more icing sugar for a thicker frosting.

Spread frosting on the cooled cake.

Best accompanied by more Kahlua, either Brown Cow (1 part Kahlua, 2 parts milk, lots of ice) or Black Russian (1 part vodka to 1-2 parts Kahlua, even bigger lot of ice). Do not add cola to the Black Russians. Not for health reasons, it is sacrilege. Unless you’re running cheap drinks deals at a student club night, then it’s okay, I guess (damage limitation?).

Golden Singha, Seattle

Golden Singha, Seattle is on the corner of Denny Way and Cedar Street (5 minutes’ walk from the Space Needle).

Tofu with peanut sauce on spinach, brown rice and phad thai, plus a glass of Sauvignon blanc, $16.

Menu includes meat and veggie options, standard Thai fare such as green curry, dumplings.

Family run (matriarch clearly in view), friendly service. A solid choice for a quick, economic meal.

Tofu peanut sauce

No-Churn cheesecake ice cream w/ peanut butter maple fudge brownie chunks

No-churn ice cream is the miracle of the year, quenching my inner desire to fill the kitchen with dusty appliances (ice cream makers need to be ginormous to work their magic). The freeze and whisk method is tedious.

If you were to forego the brownie pieces and fudge (?!!!), prep time would be about 15 minutes, plus 6 hours’ freezing time. Which is quicker than going to the shops.

No electric appliances needed. Just a whisk, 2 big bowls and a spoon.

Makes about a litre. Tastes so yummy you, er, won’t have time to take decent pictures….


Use this brownie recipe. If you have leftovers that are too dry to eat, that’s fine (and will actually help to prevent the brownie pieces from sinking in the finished product).

Bake and cool the brownies completely
Chop into small chunks and spread out on a baking sheet (large but not too large to fit in the freezer…)


Based on this recipe , but using only 3 ingredients.

1/2 cup / 100 ml maple syrup
85g (about 3tbsp) peanut butter
1/4 cup butter

Melt ingredients in a small saucepan, then boil until the mixture thickens. 2-5 minutes depending on how fast it’s boiling.


Pour over brownie pieces and freeze for up to an hour or so.

The fudge should be solidified over the brownie but not so hard you need a hacksaw to chop it again.


No-Churn Ice Cream
200g cream cheese
1 small can condensed milk
300ml double cream

Whisk the cream to stiff peaks.

In a separate bowl, stir the condensed milk and cheesecake together until there are no lumps.

Fold both mixtures together, beating to mix but not too fast or the mixture will deflate.

Fold in the fudge brownie pieces.


Freeze for 6 hours, no whisking, no breaking up of ice crystals. Simples. (Nb. Also tastes delicious when not-quite-frozen…)