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On a quest to find the perfect Banana Cake recipe – last night tried an old favourites from the Friends’ Cookbook , ‘Marcel’s Banana Bread’ (yes, in honour of the super-cheesy TV series – Marcel was Ross’s monkey **ahem**).

This was made with the addition of dried cranberries, for which I have been chastened by the resident Banana Cake purist, but I think these turned out plump and juicy; I’d load up with choc chips and walnuts too if I had ’em **oink oink**.

Cake was moist, not too sweet, good subtle banana flavour

Verdict from the office: half a cake brought in , gone by lunchtime… A success, I think

Next installment: Edmond’s (NZ) cookbook recipe which I recall made for a moister and fluffier cake – possibly due to dissolving the baking powders in boiling milk prior to mixing?

The quest continues…..

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