NZ kicks UK’s ass #1: Marmite

I always thought that Marmite was a UK invention and a brand, a love-it-or-hate-it concoction quintessentially British.

Yet again this dull little island needs to realise that things made outside of the UK are so much better….

Produced in New Zealand, Sanitarium Marmite looks like UK Marmite, tastes like the soy sauce spread I’ve been craving for all my life.

Stupidly expensive to get in London (upwards of £3.95 per jar),  it has none of the yeasty aftertaste of UK Marmite and actually tastes awesome. On toast, fresh bread, with cheese on toast…. mmm…..

Available in London from the Jumbucks Cafe on Shepherds Bush Green or the New Zealand shop (who also do mail order).

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