Hung Tao is another favourite Queensway stalwart, yes, I have many but which one I choose depends on a lot of factors – time of day, mood, what I feel like eating, how flashy a restaurant I want to go to.

Hung Tao is where I go when I just want GOOD FOOD and NOW. When I was younger it was the best place to go to be able to surreptitiously perv whilst my dad and bro chatted football but that’s another story…

Reasons why I love Hung Tao

1. Congee – pork/ fish and pi dan. Perfect for cold days/ sick days/ comfort food days

2. Beef Flank with Hor Fun – it’s beef, slow cooked, with gravy, and rice noodles…. appropriately name cos fod me it’s just one massive multiple orgasm on a plate

3. Some of the staff have been there for nigh on twenty years. They’re not chatty, but super lovely and anything you ask they’ll help you out

4. Toilets – actually pretty clean for a small restaurant

5. Roast meat – not as fatty as Four Seasons but for me that’s a good thing. I actually prefer the Roast Duck here (so SUE me – huh)

6. One dish meals (see above) – simple, quick, tasty, no need for a mini banquet or having to agree on stuff

7. Solo diners- you could eat here by yourself and it’s fine! Maybe better cos then can concentrate on the food instead of small talk heheh

8. £10 per head – max, even with a beer or two. One dish meals skirt the £5 mark. What can you buy in London for £5? F%$& All, that’s what.

Yeah, baby, I heart Hung Tao…. come on beef flank…. come to mama…

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