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There’s a reason why I generally avoid eating “Western Food” out in the UK/ London. Overpriced disappointments. Yes, I’m biased. I’m Asian. Also partially British as I was born here, but food-wise, I dream about hawkers food, and chillies, dumplings, rice and noodles. I know what hits the spot and I know what makes my stomach churn (corned beef, mushy peas, baked beans – yuk yuk yuk bleurgh).

So I have my go-to places in all areas of London. Places which can provide satisfying repast, usually visited multiple occasions over 20 years or more. They’re not Nobu or Hakkasan, and are not great places for celeb spotting, and maybe the more refined of you may find the service a tad brusque, but they have good food. And you’ll leave with a Happy Stomach.

Kam Tong, I love. Located in the China town outpost that is Queensway (there is another branch in Lisle Street but the Queensway branch is my ‘local’, this restaurant serves traditional Cantonese fayre. Daytimes, it’s dim-sum time. Evenings, roast meat and dishes. Compared to Four Seasons (everyone’s favourite roast duck Queensway stopoff), the meats are less fatty, siu yok crackling a tad more crispy (this is a good thing in my book), though the sweet soy sauce accompaniment is a bit less rich and flavourful (not so good but a small compromise). At £7.50 a portion for mixed meats, it’s about the same price. Everything else is also good.

Service-wise, some people complain but I find the staff friendly and helpful. Whilst waiting for my takeout roast pork fix, I headed out for a smoke and the waitress came outside to bring me my package, even though I’d wandered down the road snapping pics. And she was one of the smiliest faces I’ve seen in London for some time. And totally non-judgmental of a fellow Oriental’s very dodgy Cantonese.


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