The Mood: I would like to make bread. I have onions that must be used up (or thrown away and I HATE HATE HATE wasting food)

The Mission: Google bread + Onions, pick the first recipe that looks yummy, not too arduous (I didn’t fancy having a recipe that took more than a day to make. Wanna eat now!!!), and I don’t have to go out to the shops to make.

I used this recipe.

The variation: The original recipe uses red onions. I used white. The original recipe uses balsamic vinegar. I used…. um…. rice vinegar.
Given that this recipe is, I think, based on a french classic Pissaladiere, and adapted for the US market, I’ve now implemented my own Asian bastardisation.

The result: really damn good. Bread was good, soft but still a bit chewy, and the onions caramellised so they were nicely sweet but still had a bite. Maybe next time I’ll saute them so that they’re meltingly soft.


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