The Best Food Movie in the World Ever II: UDON

Why are Japanese food movies so good? Just when I’d come to terms with Tampopo, being haunted by dreams of a world where every place and every person has a Penangite mentality, enjoying and perfecting food with their every breath. Where food equals love, caring, unity, and everyone is entitled to a happy stomach. Udon comes along, and….. I’m never gonna be truly happy living in London!

Udon centres around a failing stand-up comedian who leaves Tokyo to return to his home town, Takamatsu, in Kagawa prefecture and to his parent’s Udon shop, to deal with his personal demons. Soon after his arrival he falls into an unexpected career; compiling an Udon column for the local rag (the town has the highest per capita ratio of Udon shops in Japan!!!).

Don’t forget the munchies cos this film will make you ravenous…..

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