Dumplings/ Gyoza/ Jiao zi: Part II – Filling

The other benefit of making your own dumplings is flexibility of filling – choose pretty much any protein – pork, lamb, beef, chicken, eggs, add some vegetables for texture and flavour, and whatever seasonings you like. The only criteria is that the filling should be minced/ chopped super fine (or else the dumplings will be difficult to stuff, big chunky pieces of veg might tear the skin as it is being filled or as it is cooking).

Golden rule of dumpling filling – it’s almost impossible to go wrong. Go crazy.

Ingredients (for approx. 30-40 dumplings)

200g minced meat (can be pork/ beef/ lamb/ chicken), or eggs (I’ d scramble or chop an omelette for about 3)
Vegetables – can be cooked, chopped eggplant, maybe 2 spring onions, pumpkin, cabbage…. seriously, anything….
Seasoning – garlic, soya sauce, sesame oil, salt/ pepper, maybe szechuan pepper, some chilli oil/ spice

Mix everything together. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Leave the filling mix to marinade for a while if you like, or just make up your dumplings straight away

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