Foubert’s – The BEST ice cream in London

Foubert’s is, categorically, the best ice cream in London. People who disagree generally are those who haven’t ventured to the pseudo-suburban wilderness of West London. If they had, they would know it is definitely worth the perilous journey to battle through the throngs of yuppies and their screaming spawn to taste the deliciousness that is this Italian creamy goodness.

There are about 30 flavours, some of which seem to rotate but all of which are good. They’re available in Small, Medium, Large and cone/cup. In other ice cream emporiums, S/M/L means 1/2/3 scoops, in Foubert’s it’s more like Big/ Bloody Large and Fantastically Stuffed. And the super nice lady who’s there will let you have multiple flavours within each size.

My Top 5:

Wild Cherry
Tutti Frutti
Rum and Raisin
Apple Pie

The Apple Pie in particular is Wonka-esque, with its unassuming, smooth, placid pale brown appearance but when savoured, there’s buttery pastry and spicy, sweet apple, melding and melting together, layer upon layer of deliciousness.

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