Cheat’s (Singapore) Laksa


Cheat's Laksa

Impromptu sibling supper making good use of a jar of Laksa mix…. (Note – this is Singapore style laksa, so similar to Curry Mee, not the Penang version)

V good buy from an Asian supermarket in Brixton – £9 per kg of ‘Number 3’ prawns. Bought £5 worth… which turns out to be a massive carrier bag of primo raw, shell-on prawns. I have little idea what Number 3 means but to me, now, it means DELICIOUS. Enough to make 2 servings each of laksa for 2 very greedy people and a stirfry.

Did not follow the guide for authentic laksa mix – mixed noodles with bee hoon, and kai lan instead of french beans. It was very yummy.

Apparently in Singapore some hawkers are serving beef laksa now so I feel no guilt for improvising **oink oink oink**

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