GF Eats: Carnaby Burger Company, W1

February 13, 2014


For the hungry coeliac in Soho, Carnaby Burger Co is a relatively safe option. I won’t write a lot as the food was kinda bland. Photos were non-existent (yes, even worse than my normal amateurish nonsense), as the lighting’s pretty bad. We also had macaroni cheese (with a lot of bacon, yum, and chicken breast, sarcastic yay), and nachos.

Things were definitely GF-safe, proved so on repeat visits, but also massive portions and tbh kinda bland, get bored about half way through (although I am of spoilt, asian multi-dish eating culture). Burgers (eg. below) are definitely the best option, as they’re actually quite delicious.


Side note: Leave a big tip! This restaurant is the most poorly planned/ designed restaurant I have ever been to. I think it may be run by new graduates. It’s a horrible rabbit warren, and the worst day of the shittiest job I’ve had (and I’ve had some shitty shitty jobs), would be better than working here. The staff here are lovely and helpful and understandably frazzled. They deserve a lil extra for putting up with this crap.

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Honest Burgers, Soho: Gluten Free haven

December 10, 2013
GF and non-GF burgers
GF and non-GF burgers

GF and non-GF burgers

There are scores of reviews for this restaurant, so you know it’s ace. However, I have a really REALLY good friend who is highly sensitive to gluten, so places like Honest Burgers are great, because they are actually knowledgeable and will look out for you in a reliable but non-pushy way. And will be v tolerant of a friend who is uber paranoid since a near poisoning with Colman’s mustard (contains flour :( ) .

Non-GF (bacon cheese) is in the front, GF (chicken)n is in the back. The buns are from a deservedly reputable bakery in Brixton, the GF was not as fluffy as the non-GF however, the taste of both burgers was great. As ordered, chips crispy and nice too.

Bill all in about £30 for two, including a green salad (simple, fresh, lovely, can’t go wrong unless you don’t like vegetables, weirdo) and a fair bit of wine.

Waiting staff are awesomely cute, lovely and helpful too, so tip loads 😉

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Kua Aina Hawaiian Burgers

April 2, 2012
Mahi Mahi salad from Kua 'Aina

Mahi Mahi salad from Kua 'Aina

Kua ‘Aina is a Hawaiian Burger chain with restaurants all over the world (thus far US, Japan, Hawaii), that last year opened its first in London.

Prices are relatively cheap given the area. We had a Bacon Cheeseburger (£7.95), Mahi Mahi Salad (£6.95), Shoe String Fries (£2.95 for a large bowl), washed down with draught Asahi and funky brand of ginger beer, which was spicy and not-too-sweet. At just over £10 a head it’s a bargain for the immediate locale.

Bacon Cheeseburger from Kua 'Aina

Burger was fine, fries were great (picture depicts a partially eaten portion as they were too good to wait for), and the salad was incredibly good value. Suspect the fish was previously frozen (also as the salad took quite a while longer to come out than the burger) but where in London could you buy freshly caught mahi mahi? So, to be expected.

Only gripes: I forgot to specify whether I wanted a large (1/2 lb) or a small (1/3 lb) burger and was given the small by default. Wanted a large, so it was quite a disappointment.

Also, I love gherkins on burgers and instead a carrot is provided. Healthy, granted, but to get dill pickle would have cost almost a pound extra. Which is criminal given that a jar could be had for less than that. And it’s a bit stingy when, in my mind at least, a gherkin is something of a necessary accompaniment.

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