Diwana Bhel Poori House – Euston

January 7, 2015

Diwana Bhel Poori House is one of the cheapest eating out options in London, let alone Zone 1. This was my regular student lunch place/ BYO dinner option in 2008 and every now and again, I have dreams of coconut chutney… just me, and coconut chutney, and no-one and nothing else for miles around….

Also BYO (neighbouring off license), with a £6 lunch buffet, they have been feeding students and academics for decades. It’s easily possible to eat for £10 per person, even including mango lassis for hangover fuel.

But beware, when I say decades, I mean this literally. Which includes the decor. Classic pine ridged panels line the interior, which make me reminisce for the 80s (my childhood kitchen), so if you’re one of these sticklers for chandeliers, granite, marble, or daylight… this may not be the place for you. Similarly, the service is not exactly silver, but it’s decent, so, you’ve been told….

The house speciality is, obviously, Bhel poori, a popular savoury Indian street food snack. Including puffed rice amongst numerous other ingredients, crispy, with a hint of sweetness, sour-tang from tamarind…

    (All Asians have the appetites of stoners, discuss…)

So, of course, starters were **drum roll** bhel poori, obviously, and mixed Bhajis…. and, of course, a mango lassi… These were all really good. Bhel poori is made (compiled? chucked together?) to order, so crispy, crunchy, zingy flavours were all abounding.

The bhajis were light, not greasy, although, if I’m brutally honest, my primal instinct urges me to order 2 plates of bhel poori, just for me….


Main courses were a sag aloo dosa, and mixed thali. The dosa was light and crispy, filled with lightly spiced sag aloo, accompanied by coconut chutney (yes!) a small pot of dahl and some other chilli, which was nice, but, hey, coconut chutney. What I tasted of the thali was great however, as “my” main was better, I was kinda distracted (full) so do not have a detailed run down to give at this point.


nb. if you, hungover, hungrily, over-order, you can get a doggy bag to take away. Coconut chutney tastes damn good at 2am… (I really gotta learn to make this for myself…)

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Nasi Lemak Face-off: KL vs LDN

June 15, 2014

nb. GBP/ £1 = RM7 approximately

**spoiler alert – This isn’t a real Face Off – there are 3 “contenders” and they’re all awesome**
Although the food is better in Malaysia itself, OF COURSE

Contender 1: Little Penang Cafe, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pictured is the take-out version of the Nasi Lemak with assam prawns and also some otak-otak on the side.
The cost of this is about MYR$10, and is more of a main course/ dinner version, hence is more substantial and varied than the other 2 Contenders.


Contender 2: Indian Hawker stall, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Cost: MYR$1
This is the most similar to the breakfast dish I remember getting from the side of the road. Simple, cheap, and you can always eat more than one….
This was the only one that came with peanuts! Which I always think of as a must-have although I’m sure plenty of people would disagree with me



and if this teeny tiny $1 dish doesn’t fill you up, you can also have…. potato poori…. mmm


Contender 3: Malaysia High Commission, London, UK

Cost: GBP£3.50
The most “simple” of the three. It paled in comparison to the first 2 as the rice was a little harder and less coconutty/ fragrant, and the sambal was a tiny bit oilier than I would have liked.


The Result: Malaysia is better…. but no matter where you are in the world (or KL/ London….) you can always find something good….

GF Eats: Vozars, Brixton

May 13, 2014

Vozars is a former GF bakery turned GF restaurant in Brixton market. The ever-changing menu is small, but affordable, and they’re completely GF, including GF beers, and repeat visits entailed great home cooked food and friendly service. Excellent value for money despite being GF. Approximately £10-15 per head including drinks (a slightly ropey glass of £3 rose for me)

Menu changes daily, so you won’t be as lucky as me to have….

Pork belly and luscious mash, £8.50 (I know… what??!!! :p)


Chicken strips sandwich was somewhere around the £6.50 mark, on repeat visits, there was different bread, which is no mean feat for a GF restaurant, and a treat (in London, anyways), for those who are genuine coeliacs, to actually have a wealth of choice.


Eat here! GF or not, it’s yummy

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The Well, Elephant and Castle SE1

December 2, 2011
The Well, SE1


The Well is situated at the arse end of the ‘up and coming’ area that is Elephant and Castle, next to the monstrosity that is the unnecessarily expensive Strata building (have seen a short-let advertised that has priced a £200 ‘New Years Eve weekend supplement’ for the ‘amazing views’. Ummm… there’s no outside space for these apartments, sweethearts…). It’s underneath some rather grubby council flats. Lucky people, with their yummy local. I’d rather rent there instead.

The Well, SE1

Discovered recently even though I’ve been over the road for over 3 years…. think they may have until recently been called ‘Bang Dong’. A name which I shall of course be using from now on when referring to it as I find it childishly amusing. ‘Let’s go to Bang Dong’, ‘You wanna Bang Dong?’ etc

Haven’t eaten in although I am assured that the service is efficient. Have been in at lunchtimes when it seems reassuringly full of chinese students and even though there’s only one waitress, food is coming out pretty quickly. It provides a balance of quality and price that are dissonant in other offerings in the area. About £4.50 or so for ‘one plate’ dishes (a meat/ protein dish plus a choice of rice, noodles, hor fun, udon). Ingredients are fresh and not the usual onion/ carrot overload that low budget offerings tend to offer.

Ma Po Do Fu with boiled rice was tasty and a good winter tummy warmer. I usually prefer a bigger dose of pickle and spice but, hey ho, we ain’t in Asia now, Dorothy.

Ma Po Do Fu

House Special fried rice came with a good mix of pork, chicken, beef, char siu and prawns. House Special Hor Fun has also been sampled and both were equally delectable.

If this restaurant was a Dong it would be a mighty fine one!

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Nubian Taste Take Out

November 28, 2011
Nubian Taste Takeaway


Nubian Taste Takeaway

Take-out from Nubian Taste: large portions Peppered Steak (left), and Jerk Pork (right). £6.50 each.

Haven’t eaten in before (it always looks pretty quiet on that front) but takeout every month or so has always been fabulous. Usually have large meals, £7.50 for the dish plus rice and peas and a small tub of salad. (large portions of the dish are a bit bigger than that which comes with the main meal though that could just be me).

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