The Well, Elephant and Castle SE1

December 2, 2011
The Well, SE1


The Well is situated at the arse end of the ‘up and coming’ area that is Elephant and Castle, next to the monstrosity that is the unnecessarily expensive Strata building (have seen a short-let advertised that has priced a £200 ‘New Years Eve weekend supplement’ for the ‘amazing views’. Ummm… there’s no outside space for these apartments, sweethearts…). It’s underneath some rather grubby council flats. Lucky people, with their yummy local. I’d rather rent there instead.

The Well, SE1

Discovered recently even though I’ve been over the road for over 3 years…. think they may have until recently been called ‘Bang Dong’. A name which I shall of course be using from now on when referring to it as I find it childishly amusing. ‘Let’s go to Bang Dong’, ‘You wanna Bang Dong?’ etc

Haven’t eaten in although I am assured that the service is efficient. Have been in at lunchtimes when it seems reassuringly full of chinese students and even though there’s only one waitress, food is coming out pretty quickly. It provides a balance of quality and price that are dissonant in other offerings in the area. About £4.50 or so for ‘one plate’ dishes (a meat/ protein dish plus a choice of rice, noodles, hor fun, udon). Ingredients are fresh and not the usual onion/ carrot overload that low budget offerings tend to offer.

Ma Po Do Fu with boiled rice was tasty and a good winter tummy warmer. I usually prefer a bigger dose of pickle and spice but, hey ho, we ain’t in Asia now, Dorothy.

Ma Po Do Fu

House Special fried rice came with a good mix of pork, chicken, beef, char siu and prawns. House Special Hor Fun has also been sampled and both were equally delectable.

If this restaurant was a Dong it would be a mighty fine one!

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February 18, 2010
hungtao - beef flank hor fun

My favourite comfort food in the world… large chunks of melting beef flank, wide chewy rice noodles, thick, rich and flavourful meaty gravy, fresh tasting chinese leaf, and spicy chilli oil condiment on the side. What other pleasures can be had in London for £4.70? Few as tasty as this one.

Hung Tao
51 Queensway
London, W2 4QH
020 7727 5753

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December 22, 2009


Hung Tao is another favourite Queensway stalwart, yes, I have many but which one I choose depends on a lot of factors – time of day, mood, what I feel like eating, how flashy a restaurant I want to go to.

Hung Tao is where I go when I just want GOOD FOOD and NOW. When I was younger it was the best place to go to be able to surreptitiously perv whilst my dad and bro chatted football but that’s another story…

Reasons why I love Hung Tao

1. Congee – pork/ fish and pi dan. Perfect for cold days/ sick days/ comfort food days

2. Beef Flank with Hor Fun – it’s beef, slow cooked, with gravy, and rice noodles…. appropriately name cos fod me it’s just one massive multiple orgasm on a plate

3. Some of the staff have been there for nigh on twenty years. They’re not chatty, but super lovely and anything you ask they’ll help you out

4. Toilets – actually pretty clean for a small restaurant

5. Roast meat – not as fatty as Four Seasons but for me that’s a good thing. I actually prefer the Roast Duck here (so SUE me – huh)

6. One dish meals (see above) – simple, quick, tasty, no need for a mini banquet or having to agree on stuff

7. Solo diners- you could eat here by yourself and it’s fine! Maybe better cos then can concentrate on the food instead of small talk heheh

8. £10 per head – max, even with a beer or two. One dish meals skirt the £5 mark. What can you buy in London for £5? F%$& All, that’s what.

Yeah, baby, I heart Hung Tao…. come on beef flank…. come to mama…


December 14, 2009


cf. Last post re: Defectors Weld.

There’s a reason why I generally avoid eating “Western Food” out in the UK/ London. Overpriced disappointments. Yes, I’m biased. I’m Asian. Also partially British as I was born here, but food-wise, I dream about hawkers food, and chillies, dumplings, rice and noodles. I know what hits the spot and I know what makes my stomach churn (corned beef, mushy peas, baked beans – yuk yuk yuk bleurgh).

So I have my go-to places in all areas of London. Places which can provide satisfying repast, usually visited multiple occasions over 20 years or more. They’re not Nobu or Hakkasan, and are not great places for celeb spotting, and maybe the more refined of you may find the service a tad brusque, but they have good food. And you’ll leave with a Happy Stomach.

Kam Tong, I love. Located in the China town outpost that is Queensway (there is another branch in Lisle Street but the Queensway branch is my ‘local’, this restaurant serves traditional Cantonese fayre. Daytimes, it’s dim-sum time. Evenings, roast meat and dishes. Compared to Four Seasons (everyone’s favourite roast duck Queensway stopoff), the meats are less fatty, siu yok crackling a tad more crispy (this is a good thing in my book), though the sweet soy sauce accompaniment is a bit less rich and flavourful (not so good but a small compromise). At £7.50 a portion for mixed meats, it’s about the same price. Everything else is also good.

Service-wise, some people complain but I find the staff friendly and helpful. Whilst waiting for my takeout roast pork fix, I headed out for a smoke and the waitress came outside to bring me my package, even though I’d wandered down the road snapping pics. And she was one of the smiliest faces I’ve seen in London for some time. And totally non-judgmental of a fellow Oriental’s very dodgy Cantonese.