The Well, Elephant and Castle SE1

December 2, 2011
The Well, SE1


The Well is situated at the arse end of the ‘up and coming’ area that is Elephant and Castle, next to the monstrosity that is the unnecessarily expensive Strata building (have seen a short-let advertised that has priced a £200 ‘New Years Eve weekend supplement’ for the ‘amazing views’. Ummm… there’s no outside space for these apartments, sweethearts…). It’s underneath some rather grubby council flats. Lucky people, with their yummy local. I’d rather rent there instead.

The Well, SE1

Discovered recently even though I’ve been over the road for over 3 years…. think they may have until recently been called ‘Bang Dong’. A name which I shall of course be using from now on when referring to it as I find it childishly amusing. ‘Let’s go to Bang Dong’, ‘You wanna Bang Dong?’ etc

Haven’t eaten in although I am assured that the service is efficient. Have been in at lunchtimes when it seems reassuringly full of chinese students and even though there’s only one waitress, food is coming out pretty quickly. It provides a balance of quality and price that are dissonant in other offerings in the area. About £4.50 or so for ‘one plate’ dishes (a meat/ protein dish plus a choice of rice, noodles, hor fun, udon). Ingredients are fresh and not the usual onion/ carrot overload that low budget offerings tend to offer.

Ma Po Do Fu with boiled rice was tasty and a good winter tummy warmer. I usually prefer a bigger dose of pickle and spice but, hey ho, we ain’t in Asia now, Dorothy.

Ma Po Do Fu

House Special fried rice came with a good mix of pork, chicken, beef, char siu and prawns. House Special Hor Fun has also been sampled and both were equally delectable.

If this restaurant was a Dong it would be a mighty fine one!

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