Nasi Lemak Face-off: KL vs LDN

June 15, 2014

nb. GBP/ £1 = RM7 approximately

**spoiler alert – This isn’t a real Face Off – there are 3 “contenders” and they’re all awesome**
Although the food is better in Malaysia itself, OF COURSE

Contender 1: Little Penang Cafe, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pictured is the take-out version of the Nasi Lemak with assam prawns and also some otak-otak on the side.
The cost of this is about MYR$10, and is more of a main course/ dinner version, hence is more substantial and varied than the other 2 Contenders.


Contender 2: Indian Hawker stall, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Cost: MYR$1
This is the most similar to the breakfast dish I remember getting from the side of the road. Simple, cheap, and you can always eat more than one….
This was the only one that came with peanuts! Which I always think of as a must-have although I’m sure plenty of people would disagree with me



and if this teeny tiny $1 dish doesn’t fill you up, you can also have…. potato poori…. mmm


Contender 3: Malaysia High Commission, London, UK

Cost: GBP£3.50
The most “simple” of the three. It paled in comparison to the first 2 as the rice was a little harder and less coconutty/ fragrant, and the sambal was a tiny bit oilier than I would have liked.


The Result: Malaysia is better…. but no matter where you are in the world (or KL/ London….) you can always find something good….

C and R Soho… Ugliest Dish in London?

December 22, 2009
Wat Tan Ho

Wat Tan Ho

I love C and R. Best Malaysian/ Singaporean food in London (and I’m, like, from there, don’t chat know…). My family love C and R. My friends (Asian and non) love C and R. The Soho branch, that is, not sure about the Queensway one cos i always get side tracked (see previous posts for why…. )

But a lot of people told me about this dish that is apparently so ugly, and gross looking, that some people (caucasian people, admittedly, who probably don’t eat anything that isn’t just a hunk of ‘meat’, ‘veg’ or ‘potatoes’) have been unable to stomach cos apparently it looks like a bowl of phlegm….

Anyways, I had it (it’s the dish at the front with the gloopy white gravy). It’s Cantonese style, called Wat Tan Ho. Very similar to Sar Hor Fun, tho with a raw egg on top (which is what gives it the gloopines and phlegm-like appearance). It has a bit of everything in it, hor fun (fat rice noodles), pork, prawns, squid, fish ball and fish cake, and, of course, the raw egg.

It was very delicious, not quite Sar Hor Fun, but I’m guessing it isn’t cooked with a large amount of pork lard **oink oink**.

To drink, I had hot soya bean milk, as it was cold, and I wanted to feel warm and loved.

Recommendations for other people who are not as phlegm-tolerant would be the ‘home made’ curries (lamb is to the back of the photo), which are also excellent and less ‘scary’ for the uninitiated. They also had specials of belly pork and bak kut teh but these had run out. Roti canai was non-greasy accompanied by a small but adequate amount of spicy curry gravy.

I didn’t have room for dessert because I was TOO FULL. This ALWAYS happens :( Have never had dessert but one day… I’ll have…. ais kacang, and sago gula melaka pudding. Kueh dadar I saw someone have once and to be honest I thought the skin looked a bit tough and the roll a bit chewy and thick. But everything I’ve ever eaten there has been great.

Wicked value for Central London, £10-20 per head (one dish meals are about £7, £3-4 for sides, £5 for starters, £2.50 for soft drinks, alcohol a bit more)

Question: why have the C and R deli (just opposite the restaurant) stopped selling Nonya Kueh? I need my kueh bingka ubi, and lapis!!!!

Contact details:
C & R Cafe Restaurant

3 Rupert Court
London W1D 6DY
+44 (0) 20 7434 1128

Nonya Kueh at Malaysia Embassy, London

October 26, 2009


above: Nasi Lemak


Kueh Talam (left) and Curry Puff (right)

Sold every week day, at a small stall at the bottom of the stairs leading down to the Consular section at the Malaysian High Commission, 45 Belgrave Square, London SW1.

Also available, Koay Teow Goreng, and teh tarik.

Nasi Lemak is £3.50 and kueh talam and curry puff 50p per piece.

Kueh is good, not pandan flavour but this ain’t Penang so 50p is great value by London standards

Curry Puffs are filled with spicy potato, light, flaky pastry, and a slightly sweet flavour…. yumilicous :)

Nasi Lemak is plain but filling, sambal is v v sedap and coconut rice has good flavour.

If you’re in the area, drop in to try this small hidden gem xxx