New BFP (Best Food Program…) On the Table w/ Eric Ripert

April 2, 2013

Is this the new era of Internet TV? There’re a few quotes from this series which I’m sure wouldn’t be allowed on mainstream tv.

Basic premise is:
Eric Ripert is Chef and Co-owner of a very famous and expensive restaurant in New York and also features in numerous food related TV programs either as judge or knowledgeable contributor. Think sexy, well informed family friend. The kind you didn’t have a crush on but your friend did. Who would slip you whiskey, but not in a sleazy way. It would be single malt.

Each episode, a different guest comes to Eric Ripert’s kitchen, they get stinkingly drunk (sometimes making a cocktail as well) and talk shit. The ones with the chefs are the best, most notably (Episode 1, which features Anthony Bourdain, and Episode 2, which features Mario Batali. They get very blunt and rude (and talk about other famous-ish wanky people in a way that feels quite voyeuristic and naughty).

This program is like a BFF as there is an episode for any mood. And they make awesome looking food and cocktails, which is what I do with mine…

Watch the one above (Marcus Samuelsson) if you need a feel-good-pick-me-up (ie. want to feel like the world is amazing).
Watch Stanley Tucci if you feel a bit homesick, missing your ever-so-slightly senile uncle (in a good way).
Watch Chrissie Teigen if you’re feeling a bit slutty.

The latest episode has Elizabeth Olsen but this one makes me feel sad (she describes making ‘Starch’ as a ‘treat’). Half of me wants to be super nice to her in case she snaps in two, the other half of me wants to lock her in a dungeon made of Char Siu and Roast Duck and make her eat her way out (FOR HER OWN GOOD)… **breathe**

Make yourself something(s) intoxicating, sit back, watch, and be inspired.